Relive the conference

Speaker Title Date Feed Speaker link
Gary McGraw, Ph.D. Security Engineering for Machine Learning Monday November 23rd PDF
Izar Tarandach Continuous Threat Modeling for Development Teams Tuesday November 24th PPTX
Brook S.E. Schoenfield A threat modelling experience Tuesday November 24th
Izar Tarandach and Brook S.E. Schoenfield Panel talk: Agile Threat Modeling Tuesday November 24th PPTX
Nicole Becher and Nancy Gariché What is the OWASP DevSlop Project? Wednesday November 25th
Grant Ongers Gamification of Agile Threat Modelling Using OWASP Cornucopia Wednesday November 25th PDF
Anastasiia Voitova Maintaining Crypto Library for 12 Languages Thursday November 26th
Jeff Foley OWASP Amass: You Can't Protect What You Don't Know You Have Thursday November 26th